Two steps from the city centre…

The “Ronchi”
Woods, meadows, orchards, farmhouses, villas taverns and elegant restaurants: only ten minutes from the city centre stands Monte Maddalena (875 m) with the Ronchi, a favourite spot with Brescians.
“Ronchi” means orchard or vegetable gardens and it is traditionally from here that fresh produce comes into the city each day. To reach the top, take via Panoramica, the road that gives a magnificent view of the whole city and its surroundings. The hill is dotted with many trattorias where traditional cooking can be enjoyed but the most characteristic eating places are the “licinsi”, old farm-houses which are only open during summer. For open air enjoyment, Ronchi is the perfect place for walking, jogging and other sports.

The hill of S. Giuseppe
This is another green oasis which can be reached from Mompiano.

There are two reasons for visiting this village just a few km from the city on the way to Lake Garda:
its beautiful marble, known all over the world and on display at the recently opened “Museum of stone and marble quarried in and around Brescia”, and the wine which can be tasted in all the trattorias.

From Botticino the visitor can follow the road up to San Gallo (where the Hermitage of the Trinity stands) and from here can reach the hills of Serle, covered by woods and ideal for walks or mountain-biking. The trattorias are particularly enjoyable in autumn (tasty are game and mushrooms)