Corte Franca and Capriolo

Corte Franca

Corte Franca is the heart of Franciacorta and is divided into four villages – Borgonato, Colombaro, Nigoline and Timoline. Large, old residences alternate with renowned wineries surrounded by attractive vineyards.
Among the more beautiful are the Villa Berlucchi in Borgonato, Villa Lana of Conti Terzi in Colombaro (in whose gardens stands the highest Cedar of Lebanon in Italy and 300 years old), Palazzo Monti della Corte in Nigoline and Villa Pizzini in Timoline.


Capriolo is typically medieval with the remains of its ancient walls and castle. It stands on a hill, with a second hill, S. Onofrio, immediately behind, and ahs a clear view over the vineyards of Franciacorta and Lake Iseo. In its old section there are ancient farmhouses and other rural buildings made from large round stones, and aristocratic villas such as the 12th century Palazzo Ochi and 16th century Palazzo Lantieri de Paratico.
The Agricultural and Wine Museum Ricci Curbastro at 37, via Adro contains hundreds of objects, tools and equipment which were used at one time in the fields, the wine-cellars and houses and which now are difficult if not impossible to find.
They represent the roots of Franciacorta’s present culture.