Sulzano and Monte Isola


Lovers of sailing will find all they need at Sulzano but the visitor can also choose to go up the mountain behind where he will see old country houses and unspoilt villages hundreds of years old, and enjoy glorious views over the lake. Another option is to take the ferry ride to Monte Isola.
In Sulzano itself a fine walk will take you to the 15th century church of S. Maria del Giogo.

Monte Isola

Monte Isola is truly a world of its own in the middle of this beautiful lake. It covers 5 km2 and in that small space rises to an altitude of 600 m. It is the largest lake island in Europe. It is easily reached by ferry from either Sulzano, Iseo or Sale Marasino. In just a few minutes the boat arrives at the pretty fishing villages of Peschiera Maraglio or Carzano which have maintained their charm just like the other villages on the island – Sensole, Siviano, Cure and Menzino: typical sights are nets left to dry along the shore and narrow roads flanked by houses with loggias and stone entrances. Of course there are restaurants offering the island’s speciality, grilled sardines, which are really shad and bleak dried in the sun for ten days, soaked in oil for a few months and then grilled.
Outside the villages the visitor is struck by the quit. No four-wheeled vehicles are allowed on the island except for public services. The walks and swimming from the small beaches are superb. One can easily circle the island by bus (end of the line in Peschiera Maraglio), bike or on foot. The top of the island gives stupendous views of the lake and mountains. It is here that the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola is built and, at Menzino, the renaissance Oldofredi-Marginengo Castle.

Photo: pascobs